Spiritual Outreach

MJI has found a profound demand to provide spiritual ministry to the imprisoned, with tremendously limited resources available in most of Connecticut’s prisons.

Visiting the Incarcerated

MJI recruits and trains volunteers to visit the incarcerated to:

  • Provide religious instruction, Bible study, and sacramental preparation
  • Facilitate in-prison prayer groups and faith based programs and seminars
  • Serve as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
  • Reach out to Church leaders and other groups for their assistance in ministering to the incarcerated before and after release from prison and integration into the community

For more information about visiting the incarcerated, or if you are interested in volunteering, contact Cindy Cloney by clicking here.

Over 95% of all inmates eventually are released, about half without supervision.

Books & Bibles

In 2004, MJI published The Malta Bible and The Malta Prayer Book specifically for the imprisoned with tailored introduction and prayers, in English and Spanish editions.

These books have been distributed nationally through the Order of Malta’s American Association and its 24 areas that sponsor a prison ministry program. To date over 100,000 copies of these books have been distributed nationally to federal and state prisons.

In Connecticut, MJI arranges for the distribution of The Malta Bible and The Malta Prayer Book along with literature and other reading materials donated by Connecticut public libraries to prisons throughout the state.

For more information about our Books and Bibles program, contact Cindy Cloney by clicking here.