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Welcome to the Malta Justice Initiative (MJI). We are committed to ministering and advocating for the incarcerated community and their families by:

  • Educating and informing the general public about the need to reform our criminal justice system, both in Connecticut and nationally
  • Advocating for legislative reform
  • Visiting the incarcerated, affirming their human dignity and ministering to their spiritual needs
  • Facilitating inmate re-entry to their families and communities as rehabilitated, employed, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens
  • Promoting the critical need for society to recognize the need to hire former offenders

We invite people of all faiths to join us in bringing about overdue reform of our criminal justice system, where the human dignity of the incarcerated is recognized along with the victim’s right for justice while enhancing public safety.

Our Opportunity: An Overview of the Criminal Justice System (length 6:07)

Prodigal Project: The Opportunities in Hiring the Formerly Incarcerated (length 3:37)

Our Mission


MJI presents to business and fraternal organizations, faith-based communities and academic groups throughout Connecticut about the societal benefits of reintegration of the formerly incarcerated.


MJI monitors proposed Connecticut legislation, tracks national legislative trends, attends legislative hearings, meets with legislators and provides expert testimony.


MJI recruits and trains volunteers to visit the incarcerated to provide religious instruction, Bible study, and sacramental preparation. In addition, MJI is the author of The Malta Bible and Prayer Book and The Justice Imperative: How Hyper Incarceration Has Hijacked the American Dream.


MJI identifies and nurtures new prospective employers of the formerly incarcerated; works with social services agencies; and partners with organizations that provide transitional housing.

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12/6/15 10 am Center Church 60 Gold Street Hartford, CT

January 13, 2016

March 26, 2015 Legislative Breakfast Old Judiciary Room State Capitol Hartford CT Remarks on The Justice Imperative

Len Fasono (R) Representing the 34th Senate District in the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut Senate Minority Leader Eric Coleman (D) Representing the…

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December 18, 2015

Malta Justice Initiative hosts a legislative breakfast sponsored by Senators Looney and Fasano

On March 28, 2015, the Malta Justice Initiative hosted a legislative breakfast sponsored by Senators Looney and Fasano–leaders of both the Republicans and Democrats in…

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July 20, 2015

Governor Malloy’s office invited Malta Justice Initiative to a ceremonial signing of the Second Chance Act

On 7/9/15, Governor Malloy’s office invited Malta Justice Initiative to a ceremonial signing of the Second Chance Act legislation in New Haven. Earlier in the…

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July 10, 2015

Gwen Edwards and Brian E. Moran discuss hyperincarceration

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